Creating More Space with Pool Covers

A custom pool cover can provide a unique centerpiece for any event, or just cover a few feet and create a walkway across the pool. Make it a clear cover to add a surprise element or opt for a simple black cover for elegance. To add a pop of whimsy try out a acrylic dance floor above your pool.

Since pool covers are designed to accommodate any theme imaginable, no need to worry about pool covers being an eyesore. Since no two pools are exactly alike no two pool cover are either. It is a custom conversation piece that no other party will have.

Things To Consider:

• Line the pool edge with candles to create soft lighting.
• If you do a partial cover be on the lookout for little ones around the pool edge.
• Don’t forget to accent your pool cover with lighting and decorations to match.
• Pool covers are available in many materials so consider which is best for your event.

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