Party Rental Top 10 – What to rent for your event…

When it comes to deciding what rental items are the perfect solution for your event, take a few minutes to consider what is popular at other peoples parties. This list is based on real experience supplying party rental items to events over a nearly 30 year period. Check out this list to help you know what you need for your next gathering!

  1. Tables
  2. Chairs
  3. Bounce houses
  4. Carnival Games
  5. Sound System
  6. Tents & Canopies
  7. Concession Machines
  8. Inflatable Slide
  9. Mechanical Bulls
  10. Decor Items

Those are the popular party rental items- but there is so much more to consider when planning a party…

Planning a party? Top 10 Things to consider:

  1. Do you have a theme?
  2. How many people are coming?
  3. What will be going on at the party?
  4. Where is the party to be held?
  5. What kind of food options will be provided (by whom)?
  6. What kind of budget do you have?
  7. How long is the party or event?
  8. Is there enough parking?
  9. Are there enough bathrooms?
  10. What about entertainment?

Party Rental companies come in all shapes and sizes- here are are some ways to make sure you are picking a quality provider:

  1. Call a provider and talk to them about your event, a reputable provider will be able to provide you with a quote either over the phone, or in many cases for larger rental orders via email, fax, or in some kind of typed format.
  2. Check that your provider is licensed to do business. Ask if they are, and check with your states corporation division to determine if the provider is in fact a legitimate business. There are many people who simply offer party rentals part time or as a second income- if your event is important to you, you will want to make sure you are contracting a professional, full time, event or party rental company.
  3. Ask to see a certificate of insurance for the company. Many of the smaller part time businesses, and some of the large rental companies out there do not carry insurance. You need to verify that you are doing business with a legitimate provider, who has insurance to protect you, them, and your guests from any unplanned accidents or occurrences.
  4. Get an invoice + service agreement. Sign it, date it, and return the agreement to the company. Without a signed agreement, chances are you do not have a contract. Be sure to read your invoice and agreement carefully- if you do not check to verify all the items you have on your party rental order are on the invoice, then do not be surprised when something does not make it to your event…
  5. Check Date, Time, Contact and Event location information on the agreement/invoice. Any information like this can cause huge issues if it is incorrect. The day of the event, you want the right information on the invoice as that is what the party rental company will use to get to your location. A wrong address, combined with a wrong phone number can create a nightmare…

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