Garden Party Snapshots

A Garden Party is the perfect setting for your next casual event, or make it special by adding real silverware, elegant tablecloths and a stunning flower centerpiece. When planning remember to check the weather forecast, the sun plays a vital role in a garden party. But always have a back up plan, such as a tent, to protect from spring showers.

A successful and enjoyable garden party should fit into your everyday lifestyle. Don’t try to impress your guests – Personalize everything to your taste and style and your guests and you will all enjoy a perfect day in the sun.

Things To Consider:

• Personalize your invitations with dried flowers of herbs.
• Icy and fruity drinks will have a universal appeal when served at your garden party.
• Consider a twilight garden party to increase the ambiance.
• Continue with the theme and send your guests home with a packet of flower seeds.