Table Setting Ideas

Your table is the focus of any party where food is served. Depending on the occasion, the tableware and seating plan can be as important as the food you serve. Whether designing an elegant wedding or a child’s birthday party functional table design is of utmost importance. Use your imagination to design the table around your theme.

If hosting a casual event, a simple table design with an outstanding centerpiece will do. If your event is more elegant or traditional then consider using the classic table setting with designated glasses and utensils for each course of the meal.

Things To Consider:

• Make sure nothing obstructs your guests view across the table for easy mingling.
• Get creative with napkin rings, use ribbons, flowers or personalize each setting.
• Candlelight will add to the intimacy of the setting.
•  If setting up a buffet, place it in the middle of the room to give access to both sides.

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