Kid Party Games with Balloons

Balloons, kids and birthday parties just seem to go together.

Balloons are fun, balloons are colorful and balloons make everyone happy!Now here are some fun kid birthday party game ideas that are all about balloons.

Stuff The Balloons

Divide your birthday party guests into two teams and have each team choose one team mate to put on a baggy pair of pants and a baggy shirt.

The object is to see which team can stuff the most balloons into the shirt and pants of their designated team mate in just two minutes.

Start your theme music and watch the fun. When the music ends, count the balloons each team has stuffed into their team mates shirt and pants. The team with the most balloons is the winner.

And don’t forget to take lots of pictures and shoot lots of video. The kids with the balloons under their baggy clothes are going to look very funny.

Balloon Stomp

Before your party, place small pieces of candy in a bunch of balloons before you fill them with air…

Once you’ve placed the candy inside the balloons, blow up your balloons and tie off the ends.

Now place the balloons in the middle of the room and have your party guests stand around them in a circle… Tell your guests that every balloon has a piece of candy inside and when you start your party theme music, your guests get to stomp on the balloons and pick up the candy.

Be sure and tell your party guests to be careful not to stomp on each other. And when the game is over, have everyone help you to clean up the balloon pieces left on the floor.

Using Your Head

Give each child one balloon filled with air. When you start your theme music, the object is for your party guests to keep their own balloon in the air using only their head.

Balloon Attack

For each birthday party guest, attach a 12 inch string on a balloon filled with air, and then attach another 12 inch string to another air-filled balloon… Using masking take, attach one balloon to the back of each guests shoe heals (so each guest has a balloon on the back of each shoe).

The object of this fun balloon game is for each player to protect their balloons while trying to pop everyone else’s balloons… The last player left with one or both of their balloons unpopped is the winner.

Balloon Blow-Up

Give each party guest four balloons to blow up… Start your theme music and give them just one minute to puff away… The guest that blows up the most balloons in one minute is the winner.

Shark Attack

With a marker, draw a shark’s face and teeth on a balloon… Have your guests sit in a circle and start your theme music…

The object for each player is to keep the shark away from them… After about 30 seconds, stop the music and who ever is touching the shark is out… Keep this up and the last player remaining is the winner.

Grab The Balloons

Put about 20 balloons or more in the middle of the floor… Have your party guests stand in a circle around them… When you start your theme music, have each guest try to pick up and hold as many balloons as they can… They can use their hands, teeth, between their legs, or even under their shirt…

Balloon Buzz Bomb

Have your party guests blow up one balloon each, then pinch the end closed with their fingers… Then let the balloons go and watch then take off on a crazy flight…

To keep this game from getting too messy, have your guests try to only pick up their balloon before they blow them up again and let them fly…

These fun kid birthday party game ideas are proven winners your birthday child and all their party guests will love.

So have a great time at your birthday party and don’t forget to pick up lots of balloons so you can play these fun games!

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