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Portable 6' Bar With Skirting
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Portable 6' Bar With Skirting

Portable 6' Bar With Skirting

Skirting has been used for years to distinguish the bar. This bar has one shelf for your glassware or supplies and is big enough for two bartenders. Consider carefully where your bar is placed as it is usually the first gathering spot for your guests.

Portable 6' Bar With Skirting

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Portable 6' Serpentine Bar w/ Skirting

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  • Great Service & Quality Staff

    We are very pleased with Abbey Party Rentals as our partner on major events 
from the Spring Fling gala to Surf Dog, because they have great customer 
service, quality staff, and reasonable pricing.  We recommend them to 
everyone in San Diego. 
Thanks Abbey.
    R. Resko
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San Diego: (888) 252-1319
El Cajon: (888) 808-0017

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