Anniversary Parties

Here at Abbey Party Rents we understand how important and meaningful anniversaries can be and because of this we realize the careful attention to detail that is necessary for a successful event. While most anniversary parties tend to be more intimate affairs, some people choose to make their milestone anniversaries just as big as their wedding day and and Abbey can help make that happen.

What We Offer:

A one on one meeting with an expierenced member of our staff can be arranged by a simple phone call, in which our staff will walk you through the planning process and offer useful ideas and advice in order to make your anniversary party not only meaningful to the couple but to the guests as well. They will help you stay within your budget, offer a quote, give you a free design layout of the event and answer any other questions.

Anniversary Tips:

  • A simple and easy way to establish a theme for the party is to decorate according to the year of marriage. For example, for a 25th anniversary, silver is the traditional gift. For this party, incorporate silver throughout the party whether it be with the table cloths, flatware, chargers, or chairs.
  • A fun way to remember the year of the couples marriage is to play music that was popular the year that they were married. This is an inconspicuous idea that refreshes everyone’s memory of their wedding day.
  • Prepare a slide show from the couples first date to the present day and play throughout the party.
  • For bigger budgets, give guests party favors at the end of the party with the picture or names of the couple such as a personalized water bottle. This way, guests will always remember your party.

For more information on how we can help with your anniversary party or other special event, please call us at (858) 586-7400. Our event specialists will help you with any tips that will make your event a special one.